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Business Process Improvement

Add Rigor to Business Processes

  • Review and Improve Process Efficiencies
  • Improve Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (Sarb-Ox)
  • Avoid Costly Redundancy in Human and Automated Tasks
  • Organize IT Human Resources to Enhance Business and Support Profits

Inter and Intra net facilities

  • Web Design and Browser Technologies
  • Audio and Video component enhancements
  • The inclusion of Legacy Application Data Structures
  • COBOL to Java and Java to COBOL class/object integration

Legacy Systems

  • IBM Mainframe application integration
  • ‘Green Screen’ optimization and data integrity audits
  • Enhance Legacy Applications to effectively share information
  • Programming Tool Usage Effectiveness and Technical Education
  • CICS / IMS / DB2 / Batch transaction review and performance tuning

Custom Education Programs:
MBA will join with your management team and technical staff to design an employee enrichment program specific to the technical skill needs of your Enterprise.

Contact MBA for additional offerings, or to discuss your Enterprise's unique needs.