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MBA, a successful consultancy servicing Fortune 1000 business and governments worldwide has developed into a training and consulting organization known for excellence.

MBA founded in 1989, has provided quality service around the globe across all industries; including Airlines, Distribution, Financial Services, Governments, Insurance, Manufacturing, Oil&Gas, Retail, and Utilities.

MBA believes listening is key to understanding. Understanding is key to dealing with issues. And effectively dealing with issues will improve return on investment (ROI).

MBA's founder, Jason Boyce, helped design and develop the first micro to mainframe communications, a forerunner of today's emerging technologies.

MBA's policies

Training / Consulting fees

  • Fees for MBA services are extremely competitive in the industry and will be determined by type of service requested and its duration. MBA provides highly competent consultants selected to best fit a client’s particular needs.

Fees for materials

  • There will be no licensing fee for MBA materials if MBA provides the consultant. Otherwise, licensing fees for materials and courseware apply.


  • NET 30 DAYS. Invoices will be dated 2 or 3 business days after the end of the assignment in most cases and will be provided electronically, typically email. Original receipts are usually not provided; e-copies or hard copies will be provided upon request.
  • Vendors that require receipts for proof of expense will receive copies [except for the meal per diem as noted below].

Travel Time is not typically billed to the client

  • Travel time is included in the rate unless it exceeds ˝ of the time spent on the assignment. For example, flying to Singapore for a single day assignment would initiate travel time billing negotiations. [The goal is to reduce long trips for short assignments.]

Per diem amount for meals

  • Per diem for meals is $45/day, regardless of client or location. This practice allows for better T&E estimates, reduces paperwork and is below the IRS guidelines. If a vendor/client requires receipts for meals, our practice is to increase our daily rate appropriately and not to put meals on the expense report at all. (Note that to cover a $45/day per diem, our daily rate must increase by $90/day, since only 50% of the meal expense is deductible.)

Choice of hotel, airport, and car rental agencies

  • Hotel, airport, and car rental agency is based first on client preference. If that choice is not available, a comparable choice will be made.

MBA Client Relations and Terminology

  • Penciled in / 48 hour first-right-of-refusal If a client requests a particular date, but cannot yet commit to it, that date is considered penciled in. A client may release a penciled in date without penalty. Should another MBA customer requests that same schedule, MBA will provide the client that has the penciled in date 2 business days to commit to, or release the date.

  • Committing to a particular date by a client means MBA will schedule resources to that client for that time frame. The client has now committed to utilize MBA for the assignment. The client is subject to a cancellation penalty if such does occur. Consideration will be given if events outside the control of the client's corporation arise. [This does not include reorganizations, transfers, vacation time, etc. All of those are foreseeable by management and should be considered when the assignment is initially scheduled.] If MBA fails to have a resource available for the time frame, the client will not be obligated to pay. Rescheduling will be made available at ˝ of the original rate. [This does not include events beyond our control, such as transportation strikes or cancelled flights, unusually severe weather, (although MBA will appear as soon as feasible, even under these conditions), a last minute injury or death in the family, etc.]

  • Non-refundable travel arrangements will not be made until the client has committed to a particular teach date.

  • Breaking a committed date incurs 1) a penalty and 2) a reimbursement for all non-refundable travel arrangements made on behalf of the client.

  • Penalties are based on the amount of lead-time given of the cancellation prior to the start-date of the assignment. 0% for three weeks lead time, 50% for two weeks lead time and 75% for one week lead time.

  • Multiple Vendors Bidding We are happy to work with multiple vendors on a bid. However, should two vendors bid our services to the same client for the same work, we will strictly adhere to our pencil in and commitment policy. Should two vendors bid our services to the same client for different work, no problem exists.

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